Tiny living space

Tegeka your tiny living room to feel like a big space.

Most people tend to assume that they cannot have a good looking home because they have small rooms so they tend to neglect them. If you are like “most people”, keep reading this.

“Small rooms” do not necessarily equate to limited living.

On the contrary, you can create enough space within a small room through proper organisation.

You keep bumping your tiny toe on furniture edges, freely bruising yourself continuously.

Creating space within a small room involves good selection and right placement of furniture, smart colour selection, good painting and so much more.

More so, having a small living room can be an advantageous because it is easier to decorate and cheaper.

On that note, fix yourself a cup of coffee and let me take you through how to ku #TegekaYourSpace and convert small and boring to ample and lavish.


You cannot afford to have clutter thrown hopelessly all around your room. Small spaces deserve top notch arrangement and litter is the greatest enemy of organisation.

Clutter makes what is already small to appear even smaller and limited.

Remove the unnecessary things like empty boxes and cable wires. Neatly fold the throw blankets and place them in one corner of the room.

Wash the dirty linen and fold it neatly into wardrobes. Make this activity enjoyable with our #TegekaLaundryPlaylist

No rubbish should remain lying around. Prioritize what things should stay and go.


The type of furniture you go for determines the amount of space that will be used up in your living room. If you want to create plenty of space for sitting, discard individual sofa chairs and replace them with sectional sofas.

These are not only spacious but also lavish, modern and very comfortable.

Purchase suitable sizes which will fit right in your room. Usually, 2 are more than enough.

Sectional sofas come with an extra advantage of accommodating guests who will stay the night.

They are wide enough and comfortable. Most importantly, select the right colour which matches the theme of the room.

A glass centre piece, preferably round should be a must have. These create an illusion of space and this is the goal we are trying to reach.

Mount that TV to the wall and go minimalist when choosing a TV cabinet. Totally avoid having a wall unit because these make the room smaller and even stuffy.

Use the cabinet drawers to store game consoles, remotes, books and a few other necessities.

The top of the cabinet should only have the decoder or disk player plus an accessory of your choice.

Using multipurpose furniture like side tables as coffee tables should help you create more space.

Room accessories.

No matter how small your room may be, you should never leave it “naked.”

Accessories are vital in making a room look and feel beautiful and homely.

However, your choice of accessories also matters gravely.

Plain walls are quite boring to look at so we advise medium sized picture frames and some vibrant art pieces.

However, this does not mean choke up all the wall space by framing every photo in your album.

Be selective.
Invest in fancy looking vases and small statues which appeal to your preference.

Put these in different corners of your room and one on the centre table.

You can’t have it all at once.

Choose a few accessories at a time for decorating your room. You can decide to change the setting weekly or monthly but do not put everything at once.
When it comes to curtains, go for lightweight material.

Proper air circulation is needed in any kind of room and light curtains allow enough air in and out thus preventing suffocation. Raise them high to almost ceiling level and let them droop till the ground as this gives a more spacious feel.

Go for a colour which is almost similar to that of the walls. In most cases, a small room should be painted with light colours which give light to the room.

Let there be light.

Let your room breathe and have light. You are not count Dracula to hide away in the darkness. Your room needs to have life and that is brought with proper lighting.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a big diamond-filled chandelier hanging from your ceiling but that should not discourage you. A simple but beautiful ceiling lamp can play a proper substitute.

Add LED Downlights (these really make the room look fancy, no lie). They enhance brightness and are long lasting.

Do not forget to draw your curtains to let the sunlight in.

Mirrors too play a big part in adding light to your room.

Another advantage of having a light-coloured themed room is that this makes the room appear bright compared to dark colours.

Also, opt for monochrome. Have a distinct theme for your room which is appealing to the eye right from the walls, curtains and furniture.

Tiles in, Carpets out.

As we wrap this up, our final piece of advice is, “GET RID OF THOSE CARPETS.”

Carpets make rooms stuffy and make them look smaller.

Plus, they are outdated. We are upgrading from ancient to modern. Flooring with tiles is the best option to go for. Choose large and unique-patterned tiles of good quality. Add a small centre rug beneath the centre table as a final touch.

You probably may not always be available to keep your house in the order you would want it in at all times. Do not get stuck.

We, at Tegeka, are here to keep your beautiful room clean and organised throughout the year. Download our app to book your cleaning today at bit.ly/TegekaHS
See you soon with more interesting tips on cleanliness and organisation.