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Simple Tips For Proper House Cleaning.

It happens to be common knowledge that poor hygiene is a primary cause of some health concerns.

Accumulated dust can be a carrier for germs which affect our internal organs especially the respiratory organs. 

This explains why you and your family are no strangers to illnesses like common colds. This can intensify into breathing complications.

You may assume that your house is dust free because you clean the obvious places like tables or even mop the floors. But this is not enough to get rid of the dust which is always in air circulation. 

Eventually, the dust accumulates in those areas which you have abandoned and the air, which you breathe in, carries it around the whole house. 

More so, your house is then attacked by house pests like cockroaches, bedbugs and rats. Who would want to live under such awful conditions?

On that note, today we take you through how to properly clean your rooms.


In our previous blog, we mentioned how bathroom hygiene is very vital because here our bodies are in full exposure.

Today we take you through the steps;

Begin with the walls. Use a cleaning brush and soap to scrub the tiles to remove the dirt.

Follow that by cleaning the windows, sills and panes.

Scrub the sink, soap stand and wipe the shower head. Scrub the bathtub thoroughly until all stains are off. 

Attend to your toilet.

Here, we advise you to use toilet detergent, vinegar and baking soda. These remove the stains which were making your toilet look brown and release an awful smell. Scrub using a toilet brush and then flush. For more toilet cleaning tips, check out our step by step guide on Twitter or Pinterest.

Lastly, scrub the floor and mop it dry immediately to avoid accidents.

PS:  Do not forget to wipe the mirror.

How clean is your bedroom?

The bedroom, to most people, is more than a room for sleeping. It is a hideout, a relaxing spot for thinking and meditating. To couples, it is way more (wink).

 Besides, the bedroom is one of the greatest spaces in any house thus it deserves utmost care and attention. 

Each detail of the bedroom ought to be clean starting from the beddings, closets, carpets (if any), dressing table, etc.

Change your beddings as often as possible. Before you think of anything else, start with the very bed in which you sleep in for hours. It is quite absurd to shower but then sleep on dirty sheets and covers. 

At most, change your beddings on a weekly basis. If you find your duvet too heavy to wash, let us take care of that at a very affordable fee. Book a pro cleaner today. 

Don’t forget to clean your carpet. 

Carpets are the greatest accumulators of dust and pests in a home. If you lack a vacuum, sweep those carpets as often as you can, probably three to four times a week. If you have a vacuum, vacuum the carpets twice a week.

Check out some useful carpet cleaning tips.

Clean the windows, sills and panes. Also, clean your dressing table and all your closets, including the shoe racks. Keep your shoes always clean.

Organise your room at all costs. Dust tends to accumulate because things are disorganised. More so, you are more likely to neglect corners which are disorganised. Hang your clothes on hangers in the closet and fold the rest in a neat pile. 

This will remove any hiding spots for pets.

PS:    Buy a room scent diffuser. Come on, we all want a nice smelling room, isn’t it? On top of the cleanliness, add a fragrance to give the room a fresh feel.

You deserve a clean kitchen.

Have you ever hosted guests and they get food poisoning after eating your finely cooked dishes? HOW EMBARRASING!!!!! You probably thought to yourself, “What could have gone wrong?” 

But have you seen the state of your cooking area; dirty cabinets for the utensils and cutlery, a filthy pantry and dusty counter tops, to mention but a few. It is high time you got your kitchen cleaned up.

Wipe the counter tops and scrub the sinks. Please use soap and clean water.

Take out all the cooking utensils and cutlery from their cupboards.

 Clean well and dry them. Clean the cupboards and also the pantry store thoroughly. Put them back in an organised manner.

Clean the stoves too, be it gas or charcoal stove.

Keep your food always sealed to prevent contamination.

NB:   Make sure your cooking spices are not expired.

Living spaces.

We spend enough time in the living room, dining area and home office. Do not only wait until you are hosting an event to clean up these spaces. An organised person is a smart person.

Organise items where they ought to be. Do not overcrowd these rooms with unnecessary items which could lead to stuffing.

Have you yet removed those cobwebs or you are waiting for a spider to crawl up your body? Cobwebs may not bring a potential threat upon your health but, they are disgusting. Get rid of them NOW!

Wash and change those curtains.

 They harbour a lot of dust and ruin the beauty of your room when they get dirty.

The cushion and sofa covers need to be washed too.

Clean and organise the TV unit.

 Wipe the disk players and video game consoles (unless you want them to get spoilt prematurely).

Wipe the picture frame and counter tops.

 Use a cleaning spray when wiping the centre table. Give glitter to your room.

TIP: Cleaning does not have to equate to boring. If you need some extra motivation to clean up and wash, plug into our weekend playlist so that you can give yourself some entertainment. Get it from Spotify  and follow our hashtag #TegekaLaundryPlaylist on social media. 

But, if you find yourself too lazy, too busy or even uninterested in doing personal cleaning, feel free to reach out to us through our app so that we avail our services to you.

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