Tiny living space

Tegeka your tiny living room to feel like a big space.

Most people tend to assume that they cannot have a good looking home because they have small rooms so they tend to neglect them. If you are like “most people”, keep reading this.

“Small rooms” do not necessarily equate to limited living.

On the contrary, you can create enough space within a small room through proper organisation.

You keep bumping your tiny toe on furniture edges, freely bruising yourself continuously.

Creating space within a small room involves good selection and right placement of furniture, smart colour selection, good painting and so much more.

More so, having a small living room can be an advantageous because it is easier to decorate and cheaper.

On that note, fix yourself a cup of coffee and let me take you through how to ku #TegekaYourSpace and convert small and boring to ample and lavish.


You cannot afford to have clutter thrown hopelessly all around your room. Small spaces deserve top notch arrangement and litter is the greatest enemy of organisation.

Clutter makes what is already small to appear even smaller and limited.

Remove the unnecessary things like empty boxes and cable wires. Neatly fold the throw blankets and place them in one corner of the room.

Wash the dirty linen and fold it neatly into wardrobes. Make this activity enjoyable with our #TegekaLaundryPlaylist

No rubbish should remain lying around. Prioritize what things should stay and go.


The type of furniture you go for determines the amount of space that will be used up in your living room. If you want to create plenty of space for sitting, discard individual sofa chairs and replace them with sectional sofas.

These are not only spacious but also lavish, modern and very comfortable.

Purchase suitable sizes which will fit right in your room. Usually, 2 are more than enough.

Sectional sofas come with an extra advantage of accommodating guests who will stay the night.

They are wide enough and comfortable. Most importantly, select the right colour which matches the theme of the room.

A glass centre piece, preferably round should be a must have. These create an illusion of space and this is the goal we are trying to reach.

Mount that TV to the wall and go minimalist when choosing a TV cabinet. Totally avoid having a wall unit because these make the room smaller and even stuffy.

Use the cabinet drawers to store game consoles, remotes, books and a few other necessities.

The top of the cabinet should only have the decoder or disk player plus an accessory of your choice.

Using multipurpose furniture like side tables as coffee tables should help you create more space.

Room accessories.

No matter how small your room may be, you should never leave it “naked.”

Accessories are vital in making a room look and feel beautiful and homely.

However, your choice of accessories also matters gravely.

Plain walls are quite boring to look at so we advise medium sized picture frames and some vibrant art pieces.

However, this does not mean choke up all the wall space by framing every photo in your album.

Be selective.
Invest in fancy looking vases and small statues which appeal to your preference.

Put these in different corners of your room and one on the centre table.

You can’t have it all at once.

Choose a few accessories at a time for decorating your room. You can decide to change the setting weekly or monthly but do not put everything at once.
When it comes to curtains, go for lightweight material.

Proper air circulation is needed in any kind of room and light curtains allow enough air in and out thus preventing suffocation. Raise them high to almost ceiling level and let them droop till the ground as this gives a more spacious feel.

Go for a colour which is almost similar to that of the walls. In most cases, a small room should be painted with light colours which give light to the room.

Let there be light.

Let your room breathe and have light. You are not count Dracula to hide away in the darkness. Your room needs to have life and that is brought with proper lighting.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a big diamond-filled chandelier hanging from your ceiling but that should not discourage you. A simple but beautiful ceiling lamp can play a proper substitute.

Add LED Downlights (these really make the room look fancy, no lie). They enhance brightness and are long lasting.

Do not forget to draw your curtains to let the sunlight in.

Mirrors too play a big part in adding light to your room.

Another advantage of having a light-coloured themed room is that this makes the room appear bright compared to dark colours.

Also, opt for monochrome. Have a distinct theme for your room which is appealing to the eye right from the walls, curtains and furniture.

Tiles in, Carpets out.

As we wrap this up, our final piece of advice is, “GET RID OF THOSE CARPETS.”

Carpets make rooms stuffy and make them look smaller.

Plus, they are outdated. We are upgrading from ancient to modern. Flooring with tiles is the best option to go for. Choose large and unique-patterned tiles of good quality. Add a small centre rug beneath the centre table as a final touch.

You probably may not always be available to keep your house in the order you would want it in at all times. Do not get stuck.

We, at Tegeka, are here to keep your beautiful room clean and organised throughout the year. Download our app to book your cleaning today at bit.ly/TegekaHS
See you soon with more interesting tips on cleanliness and organisation.

Should I hire a cleaning service?

Do I really need to hire a cleaning service?

In the beginning, each area of your house is spotless clean and all your property is right in order.

 But gradually, things start to pile up and clutter lies recklessly in various rooms of your house.

 You don’t notice until the piles are heaped and you are unable to set apart a full day to put your house in order. On top of the messy chaos, the rooms need to be cleaned thoroughly right from the wall, windows and their sills, furniture and floor. 

Due to your busy schedule, you keep postponing when you will clean while more dust accumulates. 

If you have found yourself caught up in such a dilemma, you need to reach out to a super cleaning hero. Getting the right house-cleaning service in Uganda may be hard at first because you are scared of “outsiders” invading your private space. 

You may feel insecure and this is very understandable. But once you get a hold of a perfect service, you will be grateful for making that choice. 

At Tegeka, we aim at making the client feel comfortable with his/her cleaners as much as possible. Let us handle the chores as you enjoy the free time you deserve and give your house a new feel.

Tegeka aims at keeping homes safe, clean, organised and comfortable. Cleaners are equipped with high standards to provide the great Tegeka experience promised to the customer. We specialise in cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, living room and common areas.

Today, we show the benefits of hiring a cleaning company and having a deep clean.

1. Why hire a cleaning service company?

• The less stuff one has to clean and organise, the more time a person has for being productive in other areas. By hiring professional cleaners, you gift yourself a weekend of rest while seated in clean furniture in an organised room.

• Is your living area a mess, with things scattered across the floor, window sills covered with dust yet you have no time to clean up? We at Tegeka are a solution to your cleaning issues. We know that a disorganised work space may disorganise your working performance and so we help remove all the. A clean and organised work space creates a suitable atmosphere for making right business decisions.

• Much as you may clean your house on a daily basis, it reaches a point where it requires a deep cleaning. Instead of tiring yourself by cleaning for days, why don’t you hand over the cleaning to professionals who are ready to make your house look brand new?

• You do not have to worry about paying for substandard work. If you are not content with the work done, you can always reach out to us and we will send you another cleaner who without doubt, will surpass your expectations. This goes to show you that we are out to leave your rooms sparkling clean.

• If you are the “I FIND CLEANING BOTHERSOME” type, relieve yourself of that burden and hand it over to professional cleaners. Do not punish yourself any further by doing something which you have no interest in yet there are people willing to help you.

2. Importance of having a deep clean.

• It rids you of all accumulated dust on window sills, carpets, floors and all accessories. Dust contaminates fresh natural air and breathing in dirty air exposes you to unhealthy living and sicknesses. Check out some useful tips to guide you on how often your should clean your carpet.

• We tend to pick up diseases from dirty bathrooms and toilets for example UTIs. Deep cleaning creates a germ free shower environment. Bathrooms should always be spotless clean as this is where our bodies are exposed to germs in the shower, tub and toilet. Our trained cleaners wash up every inch and corner of the bathroom leaving it fresh, smelling great and ready to use. For more bathroom cleaning tips, check out our Instagram

• Ease your cooking process by walking into a clean and organised kitchen. With clean utensils, organised cupboards and clean counter tops enjoy your kitchen experience. It becomes easy to access cooking ingredients and equipment. Cleanliness in kitchens prevents food contamination which could lead to food poisoning. Read more about kitchen hygiene tips.

• The deep cleaning provided creates a relaxing aura which is suitable for inducing a restful sleep. Sleep hygiene is necessary as it promotes consistent and uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping in a deep cleaned room with well laid bed linen thus promotes healthy sleep which promotes both mental and physical health. A stress free environment is essential for a goodnight’s rest. Get more bedroom cleaning tips.

• As Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Allow us to make your thought process easier by bringing your working room into perfect order.

Trained professionals are availed to you to clean the areas selected by you. On the cleaner’s first visit, do the following things:

• Give them a tour around the important cleaning areas

• Give a list of priority clean ups

• Show them the fragile items

• Provide cleaning products and the cleaning equipment.

After the first two times, you do not even need to always be present as the cleaning is being done. We believe that the customer relationship has been well established.

Check out our affordable cleaning rates on our Twitter platform,

Tegeka is not merely a platform for cleaners and clients. We take pride in the cleaning results. We guarantee our work and audit the cleaners. We are reliable and convenient as our services are a click away. We are always ready to serve your every cleaning need. Download our app and manage your bookings on the go.

Carpet cleaning guide

How often should you clean your carpet?

Almost everyone you know owns a carpet. Just like humans, all carpets are different. How you treat one carpet is not how you treat the other.

I understand Ugandans love suffering and hate luxury but if you can afford a Vacuum Cleaner, please buy one. It’ll save you a lot of money in cleaning costs.

According to the IICRC, a non-profit certification standard developed by organizations in the cleaning, inspection and restoration industries, there are many factors to consider when determining the frequency of cleaning a carpet such as traffic, pets in the house and much more. 


If you have pets, children, coloured carpets or people with allergies in your house, you may need to double the cleaning costs. 

Here are a few factors to consider if you’re wondering how often you should clean your carpet. 


Light carpets can brighten a room, but can also highlight dirt and stains. This means that they need to be professionally cleaned more often than darker carpets. 

If you have a colored carpet, keep cleaning and wait until you have no stains or the carpet looks clean. Being at the top of your cleaning schedule gives your carpet the chance to look radiant for years to come.    

To get the most out of your carpet, vacuum it every week and wash it every twelve to 18 months. Just be careful not to shampoo and saturate your carpet and not to overdo it with harmful chemicals.    

How is the traffic in your house?

When it comes to simple vacuum cleaning, the family carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. If your house has a lot of people this definitely increases the number of feet on the carpet.

For low traffic homes, vacuuming your house once a week and cleaning a deep carpet every 12-18 months will keep your carpet in good shape. If your house has medium traffic, let’s say, a small family with two children, a vacuum cleaner once or twice a week and a thorough carpet cleaning every 6-12 months is enough.    

Do you have pets or people with allergies?

Muddy paw prints, loose hair and accidents (like spilling coffee on your carpet)   are the worst enemies of carpets.  

You should take that into account when cleaning your carpet. 

Vacuum your carpet once a week to remove hair loss and tiny stains on your pets “skin and stick to the carpet.    

In homes with pets, allergy sufferers or people with respiratory problems, the carpet should be cleaned every six months, if not more than once a year. 

If you have a family member with chronic allergies, you should clean your carpet regularly to relieve recurrent symptoms.

The Smokers

If you smoke tobacco at home and smoke indoors, it is important to clean your carpets every three months and at least six months in homes with moderate to light smokers.    


To ensure that your carpet receives the tender love and care it deserves, hire a professional cleaner to wash it once a year. 

To ensure that you do your best to keep the carpet fibers healthy, they deserve solid care. Professional steam cleaning is a proven method to keep your carpet healthy.

Thorough cleaning of your rugs and carpets maintains their condition by removing fine deposits and large dirt particles from the floor so that they look new and smell fresh. 

There are many different factors that determine how often you should clean your carpet. In general, it is best to have the carpet cleaned at least once a year.    

If you need more information or you just need a professional carpet cleaner, call Tegeka on +256 770 367 161 or +256 702 627 557. 

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Cleaning service Uganda

How To Find The Best Cleaning Service in Uganda.

As it turns out, everyone’s either getting busier by the day, or just getting lazier to clean their house on their own. 

Truth be told, some of us are not cut out for this kind of hard work. Thankfully, there are now plenty of individuals and cleaning companies that can help you carry this cross. 

You can now order a house cleaning service by using a simple app on your smartphone. 

Whether you choose a freelancer or decide to hire a cleaning company, you need to hire the best and below are a few tips to help you make a decision. 

Ask for recommendations.

Start with asking friends and family if they can recommend some good companies that have worked for them in the past. 

You can’t  just trust what the companies say on their website (and let’s face it, that’s all they write). 

Before submitting an offer, ask the company to provide a list of references that you can contact.   

This will guarantee that you receive value for your hard earned money. 

Know your cleaning needs.

Many cleaning companies do different kinds of cleaning. Writing down what you want to be cleaned is a great start to hiring a cleaning company. 

Some companies might not offer exactly what you want.

 For example you might intend to have your carpet cleaned and the company you want to use does not offer such a service.

More is always better. 

Do you need your house cleaned once a week, twice a week or once a month?

Or you just want a one-time service for example when you’re moving in or out of a house?

The simple hack you can use is that more is always better. If you have your house cleaned twice a week, definitely most cleaning companies will lower the cost per visit.

Here’s why; Let’s say the first time the company comes to your house, they do a thorough deep cleaning of your entire house. 

Obviously the second time they come that week,  they won’t be doing a lot of cleaning and your bill should go down. 

Do an independent internet search.

More and more Ugandans are using the internet every single day that passes. 

In 2021,  the truth is that a company that is serious about its reputation and satisfaction of their clients will maintain a good social media presence. 

Check on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the online presence of your prospective cleaning company. 

See what they post about and see what the internet users are saying about the cleaning company. 

The internet is full of false information so be careful when you’re combing through social media sites. 

In case you’re still not sure about the right cleaning company to choose, please contact the experts from Tegeka to help you out. 

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